Saturday, October 12, 2013

Open Door Policy

Our house has an unfortunate layout which involves the boys' bathroom needing two doors to be closed for complete privacy, with one of these off of the kitchen.

little kid pretty much refuses to close either door (or flush the toilet, but I guess it's not relevant) so I frequently find myself on the receiving end of a startling and unwelcome view.

"Dude, could you do me a personal favor and CLOSE THE DOOR?" I asked for the 900th time the other day.

"You should just try to think of it like a documentary, mom."

"Yeah, no thanks," I laughed and evacuated the area, only to find myself in need of something in the kitchen a few minutes later and headed back in that general direction.

"Mom?" He shouted.


"You might want to wait. The documentary is still showing."

I waited.


Mary Beth said...

I always say that you never know what's going to come out of my 6 year old's mouth, but I think Little Kid has her beat. He is hilarious!

Jessica P said...

I think any mom can relate, 2 doors....or 1 lol

Tara said...

THANK BABY JESUS that my *almost* 9yo son is extremely shy about bodily functions. Not only does he shut the bathroom door, he locks it. He will not admit that he poops and he will NEVER admit to EVER farting. EVER. According to him, it NEVER happens.

We only recently got him to admit that he sleeps. Until that point he said he never slept. Even though I have pictures.

My girls on the other hand...yeh, they're more like little kid. Sigh.

Julie H said...

We only have one bathroom in our house and I'm in the bad habit of not closing the door entirely. I forgot my daughter had a friend over the other night and scared the crap out of her when she walked by the bathroom and saw me on the toilet. Poor kid lol