Wednesday, April 9, 2014


The other day Big Kid and I were talking about nothing in particular when out of nowhere, with a slight defiant tilt of his chin, he announced, "When I'm away at college, I plan on spending at least one Thanksgiving with my friends. If I have any friends," he hastily added.

"You'll have friends! Of course you'll have friends, people always like you."

"Well, that's what I'm going to do," his 10-year-old self said, meeting my gaze.

I stifled a laugh that we were having this conversation right now and put on my serious face. "Of course you can do that! Have Thanksgiving with your friends, that sounds fun! You'll be an adult, you can do that." 

And then I casually walked into the kitchen so he couldn't see my glossy eyes. Yes, I was trying not to cry about a hypothetical Thanksgiving that may or may not take place in about a decade.

But he'll be an adult, and he can do that.

That has got to be the worst part of this whole parenting gig...the part where they become adults and can do that.


TH said...

Yes, they grow up so eager to leave "the nest". It breaks your heart.

And then, more often than we would all like...they come back to the nest. As adults. Sometimes they've multiplied. And you long for those "empty nest" days. WIth tears in your eyes.

Samma said...

AHHHHHHH, Big Kid is just getting so big.

ashtonsmom said...

My oldest just turned 18 last week. He told his brother, "Mom and Dad can't take anything away from me that I buy for myself because I'm an adult now". Ha Ha. Poor misguided child who lives under my roof and is supported by me. You may be an "adult", but your mama will still whoop your butt and take away whatever the heck she pleases when you do not do what you are told. Oh, and after he moves out he WILL come home for Thanksgiving, because I am Mom and I said so! (and I am GOOD at guilt trips)

Julie H said...

My oldest is moving from CA to North Carolina. I just randomly cry all the time.