Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bad Tenant

Guess who missed the 9 a.m. appointment he just had to freaking have?


His truck was in his driveway at 8:45 and gone by 9:05. I waved to him at 8:15. And you know that when he remembers again or just feels like it, he'll just march on over here and knock and at that time I'll tell him he needs an appointment because I'm sick of him and we can start the whole cycle over again.

When I was in real estate, you'd hear that a house was tenant-occupied and you'd shake your head in frustration. The term "bad tenant" was thrown around lightly. Now I know why there are bad tenants. They have been conditioned by bad realtors. This guy's my neighbor and the husband of my child's teacher--wouldn't you try not to be a complete shit head if you were him? Come on.

I hate them all. My landlords, their realtor, Mr. Realtor Neighbor, all of them. Everyone's on the list.


Lindsey said...

You've got to be kidding me!! The same d-bag who woke you up two days BEFORE and was sooooo persistent on seeing the house that he peered his neck around your shoulder for a sneak peak missed his appointment....!!

Rachel said...

Unbelievable! I'm sure he'll be over again soon and when he comes, I hope you stand your ground! I would abide by the rules of the lease--no more, no less.

Good luck!

jenn said...

What an asshat.

Chacoy said...

It better be "No more Miss Nice Ashley" kids teacher or not he needs a new better asshole!!!

Anonymous said...

What an idiot!! It all seemed like a power play - whatever you suggested, he wanted something slightly different. It's why so many of us dislike salespeople - the blatant manipulation. I'm kind of hoping that he tries again, and that you really put him in his place!!!