Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Big Kid and I have got little kid watching Leapfrog Letter Factory (the poor man's Your Baby Can Read!, in our opinions) and he's starting to pick some of it up. So we decided to take it up a notch and try to get him to learn to spell cat.

For the last couple of days, one of us will ask him at random times throughout the day if he knows how to spell cat. He usually puts his finger on his chin as if deep in thought and comes up with some 3 letter grouping that's similar. So yesterday at the bus stop I quizzed him on it again and he said, "Mumum, I'm not gonna be talkin' 'bout this cat stuff all my time. I'm tired of talkin' 'bout it! Don't be askin' me how to spell cat, you know how to spell cat. I just a baby still."

"It's C-A-T."

"See? You know how to spell cat!"

"I want you to learn how to spell cat."

"Babies don't need to spell cat, they mumums spells cat for 'em. I don't wanna talk 'bout it anymore."

So yeah, school should be interesting. Maybe once we graduate to Leapfrog's Word Factory it will start to come together for him.


Cindy said...

My friend's beautiful daughter, when confronted with the prospect of going to Kindergarten, indignantly said, "Don't you be learnin' me NUTHIN'!"

She's in third grade now, so she hasn't dropped out yet...

Jennifer said...

I love those DVD's and I think they are a 1,000 times better than "your baby can read". At least they are learning the actual letter sounds. We still use the t.t.t.tapping T's in our house.