Thursday, January 28, 2010


In an amazing burst of productivity, I finished all of my work hours for the week already and have even got things in place for next week's tasks. The house is a mess, but my work's all done and I'll have time for the beach tomorrow and can look forward to a smooth start on Monday.

So to be nice (and instead of starting on house cleaning), I decided to get us all caught up on internets. I hope this helps you enjoy your work (or non-work) day like I will be enjoying tomorrow. So here's some stuff (nothing depressing, I promise!):

How to use a semi-colon (helpful!)
Sea horse (Photo)
Banksy movie at Sundance (article)
Laptop sleeve that looks like a book! (It's a...laptop sleeve that looks like a book)
Free Einstein Bros bagel (coupon)
Fun online 20 questions (game)
Rare photos of famous people (DO NOT skip this one!! Good stuff in there!)
Amazing scuplture (photo)
Hug a baby (150% cuteness)
Squishy Manatee (manatees are adorable animals that don't get enough credit or attention for their cuteness.)
Anteater in a sweater (photo)
and another anteater (because they are funny!)

Okay, that's all for now. Have fun!


Sasha said...

Thanks for the famous people link- Those Don Johnson/Melanie pics were from around the time she stole him away from Pamela Des Barres- esp the first one.

Loved the young Jimmy Page pic- never seen on before.

Duel Living said...

Awesome! Love the manatee...anteater is kinda scary, love the seahorse. And thanks for the semi-colon lesson...I always f*ck up my punctuation...and just tend to use dots....