Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Boys

Okay, I'm back.

Freaking out about housing has become an almost full-time job now that March is rapidly approaching. I guess people in the 2 neighborhoods I want to live in didn't read all of those NY Times articles about it being a renter's market. There are lots of houses for sale or that have clearly been abandoned to foreclosure, and a couple of unreasonable owners who can't let go of the fact that market rent has dropped and who still need some time to let reality catch up with them.

Mr. Ashley called the owner of the house down the street that we want, and with NO diabolical mischief from myself whatsoever, it turns out that the current tenant broke up with his girlfriend and is currently two weeks late on rent. He has until tomorrow to pay or he has to get out and it will be ours. I have never wished so hard for the financial hardship of an innocent soul. He's a single guy living in a big paid-off pool home with cheap rent in the best school district in town though--he's got to go. Big Kid has announced more than once that he is NEVER, EVER leaving the house we live in now and I think a pool is my best chance of convincing him to change his mind.

Speaking of Big Kid, here are his before and afters, as promised:

Lucky coincidence that he was wearing the same shirt, these weren't taken with the intention of being before and after shots. That's his class bear he's holding there, he got to bring it home for the weekend. He has been longing for this opportunity since school started so I got suckered into taking that bear to 2 birthday parties and bowling and then had to deal with a deep mourning period when he had to return it to school.

little kid is still begging for a "sharp" haircut like his brother's. I still want him to keep his silky baby hair. He swears he really is ready for big boy hair (I'm not!). Here he is looking decidedly grown up with it all slicked back fresh from the shower:

(note the kick ass sweater vest)
and here's 2 boys and a bear:

The weather here is supposed to warm up on Thursday. I'm holding out hope that normal life can resume again then.


Anonymous said...

Please don't shoot the fucking cat! I'm glad you don't hate the shy non-commenters...

Mommy Wishdom said...

My what cute boys you have. I wouldn't cut those curls either!

T said...

Your boys are so adorable! I love Big Kid's spikey hair and NO, you CANNOT cut little kid's hair! It looks so silky soft and cute! As long as you don't go Ryder Robinson style, I think he's okay for a while :)

I hope the house-hunting goes your way! Best wishes.

Megan said...

Hell yeah! I love sweater vests! And the kids look adorable :)

Jennifer said...

Good luck on the house. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the guy can't come up with the dough.

Joy said...

OMG he looks so big and it makes me a little sad to see the lovely blond locks gone.

but he does look so dang cute with his big boy do.

I am with ya on keeping LK little for a bit longer with the blond curls

Renee said...

Your boys are total heart breakers. I can't get enough of those curls. It's going to take me a few minutes to get used to the new spikey 'do on BK. He looks SO big now! lk with his hair slicked back is just too much. Too much.

-The Renee

Julie H said...

They're so cute! I hope you find a cool house and the one with the pool would be great!