Thursday, March 10, 2011

God's Plan

"God made everything. Every thing everywhere," little kid said. He's a serious Christian. He loves God and he loves Jesus and Bible stories and he talks about those things frequently. The rest of us aren't as well-versed or faithful. I've been thinking I'm going to have to start attending church just so he can continue to have this once he leaves his preschool (because it wouldn't be cool to drop him off on Sundays, right?).

"No! That is not true, little kid. Human beings invented some things. A lot of things, actually," Big Kid retorted.

"MO-OM! Mom! Moooom! Is that true? Is what Big Kid said is true? God invented all of the things everywhere, right? Because that's what I knowed. I knowed that He did."

"Well, hmmm. People believe He inspired or helped create everything everywhere. Like, God didn't invent cars but He put the right people in the right places with the right ideas at the right time so that cars could be invented because it would change the world in a good way; that God has a plan and things will work out the way He thinks they should."

"So are you saying God inspired the dumb comments people leave under Youtube videos?" Big Kid asked in disbelief.

It's a good question. If any one place summarizes everything wrong with the world, it's probably the comments section of Youtube videos.

"Um. Well. He also gave everyone free will so that they could make their own choices, so I guess He made the Youtube comments possible by allowing people the ability and choice to say those things."

"Well...I kind of wish He hadn't. Maybe there are some things people shouldn't get to choose."

He's got a point. I don't know if Youtube comments would be on my short list of things God should stop people from doing, but maybe it should be.


Jennifer said...

What about the comments on yahoo articles? I'm pretty sure it wasn't God that inspired those.

Unknown said...

Good point, Jennifer! Any online news article, really. What is with those people? Smart enough to read the news, not smart enough to pass a reading comprehension or basic grammar test. And they're all a-holes!

Just wait 'til Big Kid starts to read online news. He'll be extra annoyed at God then.

Unknown said...

I LOVE that your kids have theological discussions with each other; freaking priceless!

SarahS said...

Hi there! Just wanted to share that I've spent the last few days neglecting my children in favor of reading your blog from the very beginning.

I LOVED it. You have a way with words and obviously have very entertaining children. In fact, little kid reminds me a lot of my own 4 year old little kid.

I'll selfishly admit that I wish you'd go back to the times of multiple posts a'd give me something to look forward to in the seemingly endless hours before bedtime (I'm a sahm with three kids and a husband who is often out of town for work for long stretches.)

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment.

PS I'm jealous of your ability to go to the beach year round...I live way far north and am so sick of snow, winter and cold.

Renee said...

Love the Label - WWJD about Youtube. Lol.

-The Renee