Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life and Links

Good news. I survived through the night. My sleep schedule is now completely screwed up because I was awake all night contemplating gouging out my own eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon to relieve the headache pressure, but today I seemed better.

(So it's a good thing I left my eyes alone.)

I'm trying to post more frequently again but can't always guarantee quality AND quantity. Today's a quantity kind of post. So here's some fun links because that's all I've got for you right now:

Rock, Paper, Scissors: You vs. Computer
Please use me (I love typewriters, by the way.)
Old school parenting: AKA when kids weren't pussies.
Jersey Shore review: Dead on. But I still watch every single week.
A very good Banksy and a museum exhibit with his work
I heart John Stamos: And embarrassingly enough, Charlie Sheen too (but in a different way).
Movie Barcodes: Every frame of a movie compressed so you can see it's palette (yeah, I don't know why I think it's so cool but I do.)
Romantic: In a weird, creepy way.
Think of the children: LOL
Right brain, left brain: Makes me want to buy a Mercedes! Not really, but a good-looking ad (and I wanted a Mercedes anyway.)
7 Deadly rings: I want lust and wrath (along with the Mercedes).
Time capsule mansion: I know I've mentioned this place before but here are some additional photos.
A Mother's Journey: This photo series really moved me. Warning, it's sad.

Enjoy! Or think I'm weird because I enjoy weird things. Whatever!


Anonymous said...

I just love all the links you post.. Where do you find this stuff. I never find any thing awesome on the internet. How do you think of stuff to search for?

Tara said...

Glad you made it through the night with your eyes intact! Wish I could send you some virtual meds!

Wonder if it's the time of year for migraines (pollen? change in temps?) because two of my daughters had migraines in the last 5 days :-(

Valerie said...

My husband and I use rock, paper scissors to settle most disputes, and I have always thought of myself as kind of a psychic when it comes to this game because I am so awesome. I proved this once again when I kicked the computer's ass!

nova said...

I just looked at the 'mother's journey'...that was the saddest and most real photo series I've seen in a long time.

Anonymous said...

A Mother's Journey will haunt me for always. I tried to be hopeful until the end. Amazing in a way I can not fully understand, nor do I ever want to.