Saturday, March 26, 2011

Theory of Rain

"When it's rainin', that's God pourin' buckets of water on us alls," little kid announced the other day.

"No. No, that's not true at all. What happens is that sunshine absorbs the moisture on the earth and takes it back up into the sky where the drops all get together and make clouds, then when the clouds get too heavy it rains and the water goes back to the earth. It's like, evaporation and precipitation and stuff. A cycle." Big Kid explained.

I was impressed.

"No! Noooo! It's God, God does the buckets! Water doesn't go back UP into the sky, Big Kid. Have you ever seen water go back UP into the sky? Water comes down. It's God's buckets makes the rain go down." little kid insisted in a very Rush Limbaugh-like fashion.

"Yeah, you can't see evaporation. It's not like rain drops, it is like particles of water. Teensy tiny." Big Kid clarified.

"WRONG! You's wrong, brudder. You's know nothin', you so wrong. Mom! Moooooooom! Mo-om! Tell Big Kid that rain is God pourin' buckets of water out on us and waters don't go up into a sky!"

"Well, actually Big Kid is right. And he explained it really well. Better than I could have." little kid looked irritated.

"How does he knows that? Why don't I know that?" little kid asked.

"I've been studying science for, like, years. I'm in second grade, dude."

"Mudder, will I learn 'bout participations in kindygarden? What if they forgets to teach me? What if the teatsers teach everybody but me about the water going back up?"

I assured him that his teachers wouldn't forget to teach him.

But I doubt they'll teach it as succinctly as Big Kid could.


Cassadie said...

I am a teacher (not science, but still...) and I just have to say that Big Kid seems like any teacher's dream come true.

And little kid, well, he seems like the kind that provides fodder for laughter around the staff lunch table. We love those ones just as much.

Valerie said...

Very impressive!

Reading these stories about them makes me want to have kids even more.

Theresa said...

Very nice description! Impressed!