Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just Go

The Stalker (aka neighbor kid) has declared that our guest bathroom is too disgusting for him to pee in. I cleaned that bathroom top to bottom this morning (with a scrub brush and bleach and everything--not my normal quick  wipe-down).

Upon closer inspection, there were 2 tiny pee splatters inside the rim once you lifted the seat, something little kid most likely did after I cleaned.


He wouldn't even go after I wiped down and disinfected the seat. Homeboy is in Kindergarten, spending half the freaking week at my home which he frequently says isn't as nice as his, and now he's criticizing my cleaning work? I know he's going to go home and report to his mother that our bathroom was too disgusting to be used and I can only imagine what type of scene she'll imagine would prompt a response like that.

I wish I could have said, "The bathroom's not dirty--you're just a wuss."

(Because it's true.)


Anonymous said...

That kid is an asshole. I'm surprised you have been able to hold it together this long. I would've told him to fuck off long ago.

Jennifer said...

I would have just said, "then you probably should go home to pee." (And stay there.)

Lin said...

Wow...what a little jerk-o. I wouldn't let his little clean freak butt over either. Sheesh.

Mrs. M317 said...

He must not use the bathroom at school because those are the grossest bathrooms on the planet!

Maybe you should have Little Kid teach him how to use the kitchen rug at home. ;)

Julie H said...

I wonder if his mom is as crazy as he is.

Anonymous said...

What a little dousche

Unknown said...

Anonymous #1, I like how you roll. I should hire you as house bouncer. Yeah, how does he pee in public? And I thought about walking him home.

Julie, you know I have stories about the mom (remember Neighborhood Mom? The one who asks me if I'm renting or buying every time she sees me? I lost count after the 12th time she asked, but she's asked as recently as yesterday) but I have to spread them out so I don't seem like Anti-Social Neighbor of the Century here. ;-) I'm just surrounded by weirdos (and I'm one too but we're different types of weird.)