Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just realized that tomorrow is April Fool's day. I don't think Big Kid realizes either, so I've got to get him in the morning.

I jokingly suggested that we tell them we're going on a surprise trip to Disney World and then drop them off at school instead. It would be hilarious--until Big Kid murdered us in our sleep that night. He would have a complete mental breakdown over some unnecessary cruelty like that and he would definitely never get over it.

It would be funny though.

I can't believe it caught me by surprise like this. Last year I got them good with the meatloaf cupcakes but this year I've got nothing. What the heck can I do?


Stacey said...

Just saw that another mom is putting half a bowl of cereal and milk in the freezer. In the morning she'll pull it out, put a bit of non-frozen cereal and milk on top, and present it to the child for breakfast. I'm copying that. I'm not very good at coming up with pranks--I'm usually on the other side of them.

Maggi said...

this lady had some great ideas:

:) I like the oranges, personally

Anonymous said...

Here are 2 things I did. One is free, one you need jello for...
I took all my son's clothes out of his closet (*while he was sleeping) and put them in another closet so when he goes to get dressed......empty closet. Free and pretty fast.
I also made jello, but put it in drinking glasses w/staws. when they go to drink their "juice" for lunch tomorrow......he's only 8, but i think he'll fall for both.

Shelly said...

I'm in the same boat, there were no food recipes that caught my eye this year.
They're still on Spring Break here, so we're going to tell them the school called and said it was ending early because of the snow days in December.
I'm considering switching their underwear, but I don't think they change it (especially The Boy), so that's just work for me.
You could do meals backwards, dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, lunch for dinner. Or dessert for breakfast.
I just thought of switching their pajamas. That might be funnier than the underwear.

Jen said...

We're doing a fake breakfast of angel food cake 'bread' jello juice, and marshmallow and icing 'eggs'

I hope my kids remember this when they want to go on Oprah saying I was a shitty Mom:-P

Sasha said...

Sadly, there is no time built into our morning budget for pranks.... we can barely get out of the house as it is. Friday is show and tell day for WC and we spent a crazy 8 minutes searching for something that would suit her fancy. Picky little thing. The golf ball I found just wouldn't do.

Joy said...

you can come sleep at my house if you dared to pull off the WDW trick.

Hubby went running down the hall this morning yelling at the kids that there was a huge buck (deer) in our back yard, my daughter jumped up came running to the kitchen all disheveled looking poor thing totally fell for it, I kinda felt bad for her;) unfortunately my son did not he said he knew it was April fools-bratty little smarty pants!

Anonymous said...

I heard a blood curdling scream coming from the kitchen and the sound of the garbage disposal. I turned the corner and I saw a bunch of red. I started to freak out then, my son started cracking up. It was catsup. Kerry