Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boob Job

We were watching Survivor the other night when Big Kid read out loud that Tarzan was a plastic surgeon.

"What's that?" little kid asked.

"It's a type of doctor who changes the way people look." I answered.

"What do you mean? How can he do that?"

"He does surgery to change people's chins or noses or eyelids or suck fat out of places or even give people boobs," I told him.

"I want boobs! Are you serious? I could get boobs from a doctor? I totally want some! I'm doing that!"

"You can't do that!" Big Kid protested.

"I love boobs, bro. Mom, could a doctor give me boobs?"

"I guess. That would look weird, a man with boobs."

"I'm gettin' 'em," he said definitively. "I really like boobs."

"I like boobs too," Mr. Ashley said, coming from the kitchen having missed the beginning of the conversation.

"Good, little kid's getting some. He's learned about plastic surgery and wants some of his own."

"Well, that's taking it to a whole 'nother level."

"I'm going to blog about this and one day you'll be embarrassed about it." I promised.

"Yeah but I am getting boobs." He promised back.

(because I'm open minded like that and don't really think he'll get boobs.)


Lin said...

Bahaha, I love your family! I literally spit out my soda when Mr. Ashley chimed in with his ""I like boobs too," comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he'll get his boobs in the long run, they will just be attached to a different person of the opposite sex! Watch out for this one!


Theresa said...


Julie H said...

I can imagine a man with boobs, he'd never get anything done he'd be so busy playing haha