Thursday, May 17, 2012


Much to Big Kid's horror, I've been finding a lot of good stuff in people's trash lately. Don't worry! I am not actually digging through garbage bins (Big Kid asked this right away), but if I see something nice out at the curb on large item pick up day, it's mine.

I've gotten a completely adorable shabby chic, hand painted children's table and chairs (shabby chic on purpose, not just junky) , the perfect sized low table to put little kid's play castle on in perfect condition, and the exact wire shelf I was about to buy at Lowe's for $30 for my laundry room. I have no shame and feel fortunate that my neighbors throw away perfectly good stuff that I need. I'm RECYCLING, I tell Big Kid.

Anyway, my latest treasure was a small red metal toolbox that I thought would be cute to contain little kid's many treasures. Much to his delight, it was full of old tools with wooden handles, mostly screwdrivers and random bits and pieces. After a reminder about tool safety and being careful, I let him keep them. (He much admires my garbage treasure hunting ability so he was my favorite at that moment).

But within one hour he threw a screwdriver at Big Kid and I had to take the tools away and then everyone was fighting with each other. He was particularly angry at Big Kid, the victim of the screwdriver attack.

"I had to tell her, bro. I can't have you throwing tools at people. You threw a screwdriver at me! If you saw someone rob a bank and you were the only one who witnessed it, wouldn't you tell someone?" Big Kid implored.

"Nope. No, I would not."

"You would!"

"I wouldn't, it's between the bank and the robber. I might ask the robber for some monies for not tellin' but I wouldn't tattletale. I'm no tattletale!!" little kid insisted.

(He most certainly is a tattletale.)

"What if you saw a bad guy beating a hobo with the Bible? You'd tell." Big Kid asked.

"Nope." little kid answered with certainty.
"Well, that's wrong. Sometimes you have to be a tattletale, like when people are throwing sharp rusty tools at other people."

"You're the worst brudder ever. You got my tools taken away for nothin'!"

"It wasn't nothin'! You threw a screwdriver at me! What kind of brother does that make you?"

"You told. That was worser of you."

Big Kid continued to beg for forgiveness for having a screwdriver thrown at him until I forced everyone outside and poured myself a glass of wine.

I should never have taken that toolbox out of the trash.

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MTGrace said...

The big question here is WHO THE HELL THROWS AWAY A TOOLBOX FULL OF TOOLS???? You can send it to me if you want. I'll use them!