Friday, May 25, 2012

Peace and love

About 5 minutes before leaving the house today, we remembered it was 70s day at school. Remember how embarrassed I was when Big Kid wanted to be a pimp (to be fair, the costume was labeled "Mack Daddy") for Halloween in kindergarten? That shit came in handy all these years later!

On the way to school I mentioned how funny it would be if it wasn't really 70s day. This sparked total panic in Big Kid, who continued to panic when we pulled up and he saw all of the kids who forgot it was 70s day. I pointed out that some hadn't forgotten, but the looks on the faces of the parents who didn't know what was going on were priceless when my boys hopped from the car and strolled to class.

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MTGrace said...

I so love the pimp costume.