Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today I bought some wine to celebrate Friday. I don't know why I like Fridays, since my life is pretty awesome during the school/work week (since I do neither) but I guess it's a habit. I also bought $165 worth of other groceries. And then my debit card was declined because apparently someone in California tried to spend $500 at Target with it yesterday. So the store employees treated me like a pain in the ass (because I was) and didn't seem to believe/want to hear that I had plenty of money in that account. I almost cried. And then the fear of public crying had me even more upset.

I finally got it straightened out and I was looking forward to my wine when I realized it's not Friday at all.

So now I have to celebrate Thursday instead, and Thursday has kind of sucked.

I wonder if the person in California pretending to be me was trying to buy an ipad. I've always wanted an ipad.


Bai said... yay my soul.

Jessica said...

Ugh. Someone used our debit card to try and buy a bunch of crap in Europe and the bank is taking their dear sweet time sending me a replacement. We found out in Target, too. Public embarrassment is fun.

Mrs Independent said...

What do you say we track down the dickhole that stole your digits, kick their ace and seal said ipad? So much more satisfying than just purchasing one, no?


Sasha said...

Thursday night was the big night to go out in college, so we'd have S.H.I.T. Parties (so happy it's Thursday......)

Lin said...

Wow. Screw waiting for Friday, drink that wine now.

Also, I live in CA but I promise it wasnt me trying to spend your money.

Mitch said...

A little story re public crying. Out on a date at a restaurant the other night...feeling hormonal (a lot hormonal)...ordered pizza with spinach...told they were out of spinach. I cried. And couldn't stop. Over spinach. My date was really good about it though and bought me wine and the waitress brought me tissues.

My date went out with me again too. So public crying will get you wine and another date...lessons learned!

Unknown said...

Mitch! That is awful and hilarious. Once the threat of public crying presents itself, it's a total crap shoot with where you go from there. I'm glad it worked out for you!

Bai, what an adorable compliment! Thank you!

Sasha, SHIT is perfect. I may make it a tradition. One last hurrah before the weekend starts and people get up in my space. ;-)

Love your idea Mrs. Independent but luckily my bank knew I wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't be buying an ipad in California immediately, so those bastards don't have an ipad either. haHA! Fuckers. Thank you Lin for not stealing my banking info, it is appreciated.

Jessica, not having a debit card is awful. Right after it happened, I drove up to a gas station to get gas and realized I couldn't. LOL. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Happened upon your blog and I LOVE it! You have an amazing sense of humour! HA!

PS...sorry about the theft thing...been there, done that, it sucks :(

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, littlemansmom! :-)

Julie H said...

Nothing worse than a basket of groceries and a declined card when you know you have money!