Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List

The boys are ridiculously excited about summer (I am too, but that should only last about a week) and have created a summer bucket list. We're also singing the annual "Summer of fun" family jingle already, just so we're completely ready for the summer kick-off party (which only includes the 4 of us, but still.) It's going to be a busy and...interesting few months. The list includes:

Print summer checklist
summer kick off party
ice skate
find shark teeth
learn about Greek myths
watch old episodes of the Muppets Show
make a working volcano
make and eat ice cream
make huge dominoes trail to knock over
Design and print custom summer bingo game and play
make biggest sheet tent city ever
go to free/$1 movies
go to a museum
make cookies
play Monopoly
beat/play video game together
read 100 best video games book
learn about Egyptian gods and plasma (body and technical)
complete a logic book
Make a working CAT-apult (cat shaped, with one paw that will throw catnip bombs)
Kids learn to kayak
Paint blank canvases
learn to throw cast net
Skunk Ape expedition in Everglades
drink from a coconut
host outdoor movie night
get art book
Go fishing
buy unusual object
have little kid teach us song with all the presidents
see kitties/pet store/gram's work
go to zoo
Read Frankenstein
learn about Benjamin Franklin/Teddy Roosevelt
Study different inventors
Rent beach house
Go tubing
See and discuss some sculptures
Go to Cocoa Beach and learn to surf
road trip with friends
Complete everything on list and celebrate with frozen yogurt celebration

At least 2-3 new items get added to the list daily. Sometimes I "forget" to add things, because I'm "forget"ful.

(and because it's already a pretty long list....)


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Fun list! Not sure if you have an ice cream maker but I love making ice cream in a bag with kiddos. I have the recipe here

Happy almost summer!

Sasha said...

What? No "Go visit Oklahoma"? Come visit! Actually, I think we are headed your way in the fall. I don't pay much attention to vacation plans- I just wait for Mr. Sasha to tell me when to pack and when we are leaving.