Monday, May 14, 2012

Yes Ma'am

Whenever little kid is in trouble, he sends me a note. The notes are hilarious because he can't really spell at all and I'm the only one who can understand them. I've been meaning to scan them all for you for a "letters from little kid" post but the scanner is like 10 steps from the couch and it would involve button pushing and whatnot, and I'm extremely lazy.

Anyway, he just got sent to his room for saying "Yes ma'am" to Mr. Ashley in a sarcastic tone in front of the neighbor kid. I received the following note scrawled in purple crayon on a small, ripped out notepad paper:

mad me
sod lik
e a dok

I'm pretty good at this but this one had me stumped so I had to call him from his room to translate. He explained that it said "Your husband made me sound like a dork," and with great indignation he told me how wrong Mr. Ashley was to embarrass him in front of the neighborhood, the neighbor kid, the neighbors who were outside, and all of the golfers at the country club and how I was to call Mr. Ashley right that second on my phone and tell him to never do it again or he wouldn't be completing his time out. .

I explained that his "Yes ma'am" made Mr. Ashley feel the same way and he claimed it was an accident, even though he frequently has done it on purpose and has been told to stop. I told him I didn't believe him and to go finish his time out

And then I laughed about him feeling like a dork in front of the neighbor kid because he's made us feel like dorks in public many, many times..

Update: I just received a wadded up note in a red envelope that says:

I love you.
I am sre.
I love you so mock.
I love you.

and he drew a picture of him and I holding hands.

That made me feel bad for laughing about him feeling like a dork.

But not bad enough to let him out of time out.


Rachel W said...

He's too funny! I love that he calls his dad your husband! My little brother used to call his mother (my stepmom) Bobbi's mom (Bobbi is our sister)!

jackie said...

take a picture with your iphone and you can "scan" without leaving the couch. Just learned this trick and it has cut my expense report time by like 80%.

Livie said...! Can't stop laughing!!! The red envelope seems so appropriate. LOL

LisaLu said...

Hilarious! My girls did the same thing with their Magnadoodle. I have a "Magnadoodle chronicles" album on my FB with a few that I managed to get shots of. It includes gems like "your sopid if you come in p.s. food plles" and "I ran away Don't brthre looking for me". There were some sweet ones too like "I L FU", which I read as I love you and not something that actually means F you!

Anonymous said...

I was actually able to decipher what Little Kid's note said! I so need a job cracking important codes somewhere. You'll be my reference?