Sunday, May 20, 2012

Leave it to Beaver

little kid got a small stuffed beaver from his class treasure box recently.

He named it Justin Beaver.

I cannot even tell you the fun Mr. Ashley and I have had since Justin Beaver's arrival. Much talk of having beaver fever, taking your beaver to bed, stroking the beaver, asking each other if we love the beaver, keeping your beave on a leash (because little kid does attach a leash to Justin Beaver for walks) and much more inappropriate innuendo.

Let's hope by the time my kids learn what beaver is slang for, they've forgotten about Justin Beaver.


Rachel W said...

Love this! Justin Beaver is classic!!!

Cake said...

LMAO! ODS got YDS a stuffed beaver not long ago from a nature store and YDS calls it his "Beiber" because he doesn't speak all that well. Much to our enjoyment!

We've had the same fun making comments about not being able to live without beaver.

Anonymous said...


Meghan said...

At my kids school I found a shirt in the lost and found that said A Beaver Ate My Homework

After the parents look for your kids shit and take it home table went down I graabed it.

Unfortunately it is too small for my kids.

MTGrace said...

That's just plain awesome.

Jenny said...

Love this! My big kid is 5 and my little kid is 3. Lots of what you post I can related to because my boys mirror yours a lot with what they say and how they interact with each other. Big Kid has a kid in his preschool class named Justin and they call him Justin Beaver. I think they think that the actual Justin Beiber is named Justin Beaver. Either way. This post is hilarious!