Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ashley's Favorite Nerdy Things

It's time for our weekly installment of Ashley's Favorite Things! Yay! I have a migraine so this is all fake enthusiasm! But I think the punctuation makes it fairly convincing! *Applause*

First, though, have you entered the HSN gift card giveaway? There's only 30 comments and there's 2 gift cards so your odds are good (do your own math!). Unless you hate free money, you should just go leave a comment. If you do hate free money, I'd be happy to take any unwanted free money you happen to encounter in life off of your hands. 

This week isn't a sponsored favorite things, just stuff I like that you would like too. Maybe. No promises. It's not free money or anything, but it makes me happy.

Right now my favorite thing in the whole wide world is Louis Theroux. A nerdy journalist from BBC. I'm dead serious. If you gave me the chance to be unmarried and locked in a room with either him or Channing Tatum, I'd be knocking Channing down to get to Louis. I don't know if this makes me an old lady, or a total dork, or some kind of nerd predator but it is the truth. I watch his shows and documentaries on YouTube every night before bed and sigh and say, "He's so brave and funny and good with people," and Mr. Ashley rolls his eyes. Physically he's not my type, but that brain is sexy and I love his personality. I highly recommend the episodes about the Nazis, Westboro Baptist Church, and medicated children.

I'm now so caught up in thoughts of Louis' ability to hold an uncomfortable silence that I can't remember my other favorite things.

Oh right, no, it may have been a mental block. I am hesitant to share one of my other favorite things with you because I swear to God every time I recommend it to someone, the next time I listen they have said something that makes me cringe for having admitted to loving them. It's happened three times, you think I'd learn to keep this dirty little secret. One time I was a bit apprehensive after telling a more straight-laced friend about them and then felt hugely relieved when the next episode was a Christmas special that they were keeping clean. Then they did a serious 10 minute spiel about what would happen if you drank the puddle Frosty melted into--I literally put my head into my hands at the thought of my very normal friend thinking I loved these idiots. And I do love these idiots, I love the heck out of them. So much so that sometimes I think, "I'd be really happy if my sons turned out like this," (since they are brothers) and then I realize what shockingly low aspirations I have for my children. I think it's their closeness, confidence, ability to have fun, and quick wit that gets me. But don't hold me accountable or judge me for any stupid stuff they say.

It's the My Brother, My Brother and Me podcast, an advicecast for the modern era, and if you still want to listen to it after that glowing review...we should get together. And listen to podcasts and drool over nerdy BBC journalists. It sounds amazing doesn't it? You'll have to get in line, I have as many friend requests as you'd think for being that cool.

So it's a pretty short line.


Cindy * GoodHaus Design said...

I am disgusted to report that I live about an hour east of the Westboro Baptist "Church" freaks. They did have two family members defect recently, so I guess that one good bit of news.

Unknown said...

He interviews a few of their outcast adult children and it's really heartbreaking. He also tries to talk about the members who left and they kind of shut it down with talk of what traitors they are and who needs them. They are such cold, unreasonable people.

It was also kind of sad to see the young people still in the church--they were really articulate and outspoken (obviously) and you could see small flashes of the "real" them they might be if they weren't totally brainwashed. The girls were smart and strong but still awful.