Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beautiful Day Monster

Big Kid has a teacher in school who sounds like a bit of a jerk. He's always on their case for bizarre reasons, like scratching an itch or getting up from their chair in a way he dislikes. He has Big Kid feeling so on edge and self-conscious that he often comes home feeling stressed, even if it's other people being picked on. There's not a lot I can do about it because there's no way to word that I don't like the way this guy doesn't like things so I just explain that dealing with jerks is a part of life, to scratch his itches freely regardless of consequences and to let this guy's drama roll off his back.

Today he got in the car and said that this teacher reminds him of a Sesame Street skit where the Beautiful Day Monster followed a little girl around and ruined everything. If she said, "At least it's not raining!" then the Beautiful Day Monster would make it rain.

I so get that. I'm pretty sure the entire universe is my Beautiful Day Monster lately. I have decided that I was probably Hitler in a past life to deserve the week I've had -- and it's only Wednesday.

I can't even get into it all here because it's boring and it would take too long. I've considered therapy so I could demand a captive audience but I guess those people want money to sit there and listen to me and, frankly, I don't blame them for charging prices I can't afford since I wouldn't want to hear it either.

So there's no real point to this other than to say that even if you do the hard work and shift your perspective and keep on keeping on and kick, kick, kick and all of that other positivity jazz, sometimes the Beautiful Day Monster is waiting for you regardless.

And maybe that's not your fault.

(Unless you were Hitler in a past life and then you're just screwed.)


TH said...

Last year, my daughter had a teacher like that. My first impression I had of the teacher is that she didn't like why was she a teacher? In elementary school, no less?

I told my daughter the same thing you told Big Kid...sometimes, people are jerks and you just have to get through it.

She decided enough was enough and went to the principal, on her own, to discuss her concerns. I honestly don't know what may have happened to the teacher, if the principal did anything at all...but my daughter felt better, because she spoke up for herself.

I hope your week improves and the Beautiful Day Monster gets lost, for you and Big Kid.

Ashley said...

That's really impressive, TH! Good for her!! I'm not sure exactly what's up with this guy, Big Kid refers to him as "smug" and says he seems to really enjoy being the boss and having that power (over a bunch of 6th graders? Thanks but no thanks).

Big Kid said in the actual skit that the girl ends up remarking on how big the Beautiful Day Monster was and then he became small and therefore powerless. I've tried that a few times now, to no avail, but I too hope it goes away for both of us and I appreciate your comment!

TH said...

Hmmm...maybe send the teacher an anonymous gift basket and write on the card "You're a complete dick, thought some treats might change that!"

Anna C. Winter said...

TH, laughing hysterically! GREAT suggestion!!!

Ashley said...

Yeah, TH just earned the title of Director of Communications for Ashley Quite Frankly as long as she's cool with being paid with cheap wine she has to share.

If I had money for a gift basket, I would seriously go for it.

Julie H said...

It makes me wonder if people like that KNOW they are being a dick or that's just their personality.

TH said...

I accept my new title! I love cheap wine! And I can share.

First order of business...locate dick teacher's house, throw hot dogs at it, as we drive by yelling YOU'RE A WIENER!