Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yoga Monster

"Mom, take a picture of me doing yoga on this rock!" 

"Mom, take a picture of me doing zen over here by the river!" 

I have no idea why he calls meditation "doing zen" but it and that little hand mudra he has going are adorable. I'm crediting his P.E. teacher since I don't say or do either, but anyone who follows me on Instagram will recognize the yoga pose selfie influence as entirely my fault. Sorry, not sorry.

I'm not proud of my onboxious Instagram behavior, but I also don't care since it's fun. Twitter can seriously suck it now that I've found Instagram.

"Mom, what if we do a series on Instagram where we do yoga poses together?" he suggested during a walk down a waterfall.

"I  would love that SO MUCH!" I replied, "You'll have to start going to yoga classes with me. I think you'll like my friend, Ma--"

"Oh no. No way. I'm thinking I'll just do the type of yoga where you take pictures of yourself doing yoga for Facebook and Instagram."

"Uh, that's not yoga."

"Who are you to say it's not yoga?"

"Well, it's not a type of yoga. Not on purpose. That's not intentionally a thing -- I'm sure most of those people have actual yoga practices."

"Yeah, well I do yoga in P.E. class every day. So I'm ready for Instagram."

I guess he has a point. And technically, he may be doing more yoga than I am lately.

(I'll do a vacation wrap-up post at some point, maybe. We were running the risk of me doing that weird thing where I avoid you all entirely because I have so much to say and nowhere to start. So now we have started.)


Melanie said...

Little kid yoga sounds like the new craze. Like cross fit for people who only care how they look and not about actually doing the cross fit. It would work a lot better for me actually.

Unknown said...

I think if you can't find anywhere to start just write a bunch of random things because I want to hear about it!

Ashley said...

Jamie, that will be the order of the day tomorrow. We will get the vacation post done! Probably!

Melanie, your analogy is perfect because there is a ton of similarity between crazy crossfitters and crazy yoga people in a "I'm doing this to make sure you see me doing this" kind of way.

I hope I'm exempt since I loudly claim to hate yoga (even though that is clearly untrue since I keep doing it) at least once a week.

Melanie said...

You are exempt. But only because we know you well enough to know that you do not want people noticing you for almost anything. Unless you are safely tucked behind your keyboard and monitor like a true hero. And the people who love yoga and shout it from the mountains and fling their positivity all over the place freak me out a little bit and I'm left wondering how they have that much time in their day where no one really pisses them off.

Julie H said...

I love instagram. I find it fun and motivating. I can be silly and I don't care who judges me on there lol.