Monday, October 6, 2014

The Best Things in Life are Beaches and Cats

Just in case you don't follow me on social media (I take that personally, by the way), I feel the need to remind you that I love these cats so much that I wish I could marry both of them.


They do adorable shit like that every single day. When they are like that, I really can't leave them alone. I had to pee when I took this picture, but instead I took 15 photos, buried my face in their bellies, kissed them both dozens of times, and asked Mr. Ashley to confirm that they were the cutest cats on the planet until he asked me to please leave them alone.

They bring out the overexuberant preschooler in me and that's hard to find in adulthood. A small part of me doesn't want to go on vacation because I'll miss them so much. If it was up to me, we would drug them and force them to travel with us. So it's probably a good thing it's not up to me.

I'm over capacity for cat pictures on Instagram this week, so you get them here instead.

(That's why you don't follow me on Instagram, isn't it?)

This morning I went to the beach to eat breakfast and walk off the stress of dealing with lunatics all weekend long.

I read somewhere once that looking out at a horizon releases endorphins and I believe it, sometimes I crave it in a physical way. It's also way more fun than exercise. I felt immediate relief as soon as my feet hit the shore.

Then my breakfast fell into the sand and I laughed but more in the "fuck it, life is funny" way than the mental breakdown type of laughing.

At least I have sand.


elaines630 said...

You got me with cat pictures on instagram! My husband and I are really into instagram and tag each other all the time in cute animal pics. It's kinda ridiculous. We do have two pretty cute cats though, and while they slept together as kittens they don't really like each other as adults. They must have had an epic argument at some point. I'm always jealous when other people's cats like each other and are all cute together like yours. I'm happy if mine get close enough so I can pet them at the same time!

Unknown said...

Great and all but... I thought we'd be getting more cat pictures ????

Ashley said...

Jamie, I even added more to my media bank but thought I should limit myself to choosing just one like I force myself on Instagram. I also have pics of them giving each other a bath and of Calvin being deliciously fat and of Dom with his tongue out. It's a sickness!

Elaine, our last cat pair did that. One of them was an asshole, and I think the other caught on. I love how they love each other.

Julie H said...

So pretty! I think I'd like to live by the beach but it's so damn expensive here.