Monday, October 27, 2014

Anti-Big Business Boy on Halloween

Big Kid had to write a poem about Halloween for Language Arts. It was hilariously Big Kid-like:


A long time ago, on October thirty-first,
People believed that the spooks would come and haunt the earth!
So people put on costumes, to confuse these fears,
but Halloween has certainly changed over the years!
Nowadays, this holiday is simply a device,
For corporate businesses to sell cheap merchandise!
Half of the costumes you see aren’t even scary!
With costumes such as pirates, princesses and fairies!
Although Halloween has changed, that’s not a bad thing, see,
We still get to enjoy sweets and festivities!
Halloween’s a time of joy, whereas it used to be controlled by fear,
So Halloween’s here to stay, year after year.

I shared it on my personal Facebook where it got a lot of attention and positive comments, so I told him about that the next day.

"Really?" he said, looking perplexed. "Huh. Imagine if they read something I actually wanted to do." 


Melanie said...

I love that kid's mind! What a great poem and response!

Julie H said...

He's just amazing!