Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Deep Thoughts by little kid

"One thing I noticed today is if you talk about the future, you're going into the future. Each and every second you talk about the future, the future is already happening."

Whoa. It's like hanging out with a little high dude who never has any weed.

In a true "doing things the wrong way" fashion, I already shared this story on a Facebook page that I never told any of you that I had. There's like 25 of us that hang out there, wondering whether or not we should tell the rest of you because then I will have an obligation to maintain said page and maybe an expectation to self-promote, and write the posts and THEN post them to the Facebook page, and I hate that idea. 

We're stuck in a continuous crisis of this being my casual life story (like a diary I keep stupidly leaving out for you to read) and ongoing outside pressure to treat it as something more than a life story, but we do what we want. We just never know what we want.

But if you want to go there and wonder whether or not we should all commit to socializing with each other, it is an option and easy to find. And sometimes I share stuff and sometimes I don't, just like here. 

I'm trying though, everywhere, all the time.

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Melanie said...

You brought this on yourself. It's way easier for me to comment on Fb than blogs because cell phones don't have 18-inch screens.