Thursday, October 16, 2014


Other than no signal anywhere there's no wi-fi, I really like the mountains!

But seriously, how do these people use their phones? Do their phones work? I'm all for no phone but with my phone also being my internet machine, it loses its charm quickly.

We spend our days hiking and playing and picnicking in scenic areas and our nights lying around the fire, watching movies and playing board games.

Cabin nights. Photo by Big Kid.

Luckily, my Netflix love affair has been able to continue uninterrupted up here -- I'm in the middle of Doomsday Preppers and, as a result, feel torn between pushing hard for more mental health services in this country or buying my own hazmat suit for home. I may or may not be scouting for "bug out" locations up here in these hills and thinking about buying a school bus to live in (and by "may or may not" I mean definitely not, but I think the preppers would approve of this general area.)

With Ebola all over the news, and apparently airplanes, I'm feeling extra thankful that we're too poor to fly. In the car the other day I was telling Mr. Ashley about the second nurse to be diagnosed.

"This is really scary," he said.

"It is. I did read a comment somewhere though that pointed out that more Americans have been dumped by Taylor Swift than have died from Ebola."

"I just think it's about to become a huge problem."

"What? Americans being dumped by Taylor Swift? That would be a problem, imagine all of the passive aggressive break-up songs," Big Kid piped up from the back.

Yes. Scary stuff. 

I might need ear plugs to go with my hazmat suit.

FYI--I'm now a member of the Netflix Stream Team. This changes absolutely nothing but in the interest of transparency, I feel the need to disclose that we'll be hearing even more about my Netflix viewing habits than usual. I am not compensated for my opinions, I am allowed to say whatever I want, and I will still loudly complain about whatever I would like. Basically I'm just bragging that I think they like me as much as I like them.


Melanie said...

The Taylor Swift comment made me cough up the water I was drinking. And I should totally be a Netflix Stream Team person too. Especially if watching 'Gilmore girls' over and over and over is part of the skill set.

Story about the school bus comment: a friend of mine lived in a tiny town during Y2K and her parents were a bit... odd. They bought a bus, dug a big hole, filled the bus with all manner of food, drink, sewer access, and medical supplies, and buried the bus on their property in a secret location with a hidden trap door for access. It is still there and her mother still keeps it stocked and maintained. I may get back in touch with her mom just in case. It's what Taylor would want.

Julie H said...

I got on a food documentary binge one weekend. My family was all freaking out that I was going to make them go vegan. It's funny how defensive people get just by the suggestion of no steak.