Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Y'all

I'm here in the mountains and it's really fall. I barely need a hoodie but I did wear one once when I was up near the clouds and it was chilly for a Florida girl. (Probably 68ish).

It's pouring now and I'm fine with that because our cabin has a tin roof and it sounds lovely, and maybe it will push in more hoodie weather and make the waterfalls more dramatic.

I really like fall. I've seen fall leaves before but I guess not in a way where I was truly out in nature. I knew the leaves would change colors and mountains and hills would be vibrant but I hadn't counted on how the leaves flutter down and swirl and twirl so gracefully before hitting the ground and how I can be out in the middle of that. That is awesome. I don't even care that it's making my car a mess, my dirty car looks beautiful.

I also LOVE streams. Creeks, streams, small rivers, waterfalls, large puddles, bath tubs -- I guess it's more accurate to say I love water and I am love, love, loving having water sources I don't have at home. The boys immediately went to work creating two dams in the stream in front of the cabin, creating a wide, clear pool and small waterfalls like really cute beavers that don't usually bite.

We hiked up to Long Creek Falls yesterday and spent a long time staring into the clear running water dozens of feet away from the actual attraction, combing through little rocks and flipping over big ones to see if any salamanders were hiding.

We could've done it for hours, we had so much fun.

And as always, the kids have been cracking me up but my phone with its hastily thumb-typed (and therefore barely legible) reminders of things to tell you about is all the way downstairs and like hell if I'm going where I can't hear the rain. So we'll do that later.

But probably not too soon.


Julie H said...

Sounds fantastic! I just missed the big fall show when I went to North Carolina. Here in CA we've got mostly just dried and dead looking things.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad you get to really taste fall! It's the best season in my opinion because I like nothing more than cool weather, comfy clothes, fires, and colored leaves. Enjoy!

Brooke Waldroup said...

I am so glad yall are enjoying it! It is beautiful here right now, and it makes me happy that people who don't get to see it all the time love it sd much as me. I love the beach and am a little "j" that you live beside it, but I wouldn't trade my east tennessee mountains for the love of money!