Wednesday, March 24, 2010


George Bush shakes hands with a Haitian...and then wipes his hand on Bill Clinton's shirt:

He's so much funnier now that he's not in charge of anything.

P.S. The longer version of this clip is even more amusing because you see Bill surrounded by the people of Haiti and he's genuinely listening to them, putting his arms around them, shaking hands with and hugging them and there's George hiding by the white SUV until someone escorts him into the crowd to be infected with the Haitian cooties that he quickly wipes on to Bill's shirt. Next time just send your dad, Dubya!


Jennifer said...

This does not surprise me at all. And you are right. It is a lot funnier now.

smarti said...

Absolutely freakin' hilarious! Thanks so much!

Cole said...

Wow... Just. Wow.

Just recently found your blog, by the way, and am a new follower

Chacoy said...

i would have wiped my hand on ole' willies shirt if i had shaken hands with little jorge;}
what a pussy- he was a pussy when he was pres and and an even bigger pussy now! he has no class, he was on one of the morning shows this morning, {they were talking about vp biden saying "this is a big fucking deal" to the big kahuna pres obama} jorge was talking about other countries being a piece of shit and talking with his mouth full can you say gross and more gross? he acts like this whole god damn mess of an economy is pres obama's doing- yeah well it started well before obama took office;} stick that in your pipe and smoke it jorge!

Lin said...

OMG, he totally did! Doesn't surprise me. The hubs says Bill was probably sippin on some good ol' country shine from a jar on the way there, lol.

Anonymous said...

Poor Haiti. First an earthquake and then then Dim Son. What an insult to send him there-- "Hey Haiti, we didn't think your shit sandwich was big enough, so here's Duh-bya to insert a little blatent racism into the mix."

I can't believe that turd was our President for 8 years.

SkitzoLeezra said...

Lovin' the George wipe on Slick Willie.

Unknown said...

I think Biden's a bit like the drunken uncle that's amusing to have around and occasionally makes you cringe, but in all fairness--it is a big fucking deal.

And GWB was just an uncultured puppet that daddy and the GOP propped up weekend-at-Bernie's style for 8 years. I don't think I can call him evil anymore, just all-around stupid and spineless.

Anonymous 12:39, I agree--what did Haiti do to deserve that? At least Sr. was good at schmoozing. Let W. stick to the golf course and gated communities. He's fucked up every national disaster he's made an appearance at, let's just leave him at home.