Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tricks and Traps

The leprechauns came last night and played some tricks on us, as they do every year around this time.

They left Lucky Charms and Irish Spring soap and buttons and cards and coins, and put a chair up on the center island.

They put my flip flops in the fridge.

They tied Big Kid's backpack to a chair with toilet paper.

They filled the sink with green easter grass and stuck the boys' toothbrushes to the mirror.

They barricaded the boys' door with pool noodles.

They blocked the front door with chairs. (I guess those sneaky little bastards aren't familiar with fire safety violations!) And they dyed our milk green.

little kid is furious.

He can't be convinced that this was all in good fun. He thinks this was an adversarial move on their part and he will seek vengeance.

He stomped around with his hands on his hips inspecting their work. "Your shoes are in our 'frigerator? That's it! I'm gonna catch that lepocon and beat his brass for this!"

"What did you say? You're going to beat his what?"



Eventually the story began to evolve.

"I saw 'em. I saw the lepocons."

"Oh yeah?"

"No you didn't!" yelled Big Kid.

"Yep. He was gween."

"It was probably a black man," Big Kid speculated. (wtf, Big Kid?)

"No, he was gween."

"Was he wearing a hat?"


"A green top hat with a belt around it and a buckle?"


"Did he have a beard?"


"An orange one?"


"Was he real short?"


"Mom, I think he really saw a leprechaun! Man, I wish I saw the leprechauns."

"There was lots of 'em. They was havin' a party, IN OUR HOUSE! I caught one wif a net but he got away. Next year I'm gonna get one and keep him! But I gonna need some help with 'at, k mumum?"

little kid is also convinced they stole some of our bananas and he's angry about the mess made with the easter grass. He found a small hole in the screen door and he's pretty sure that's how they got in. "Our first clue!" he shouted.

He will begrudgingly admit that it was nice that they left M&Ms, but they'd better watch their brasses next year.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Heidi said...


KatiePerk said...

This is amazing. Your kids are hilarious.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh that just made my morning! Too cute!

Mommy Wishdom said...

Wow - your "leprocons" are fun! Great idea. I just love little kid. : ) Can I steal this idea from you for next year...of course the chances are slim that I'll remember. Do you offer reminder services for all your great ideas? : )

Lori said...

You're such a fun mom! I should start writing down some of these ideas for when the baby gets older...

I love that little kid is going to beat their brasses!!

Jennifer said...

That is some kind of imagination. I love it! I need to plan better and do something like this next year. My kids would love it.

Unknown said...

I am literally sitting at my desk laughing my brass off. Pretty sure my coworkers think I am nuts. I totally forgot that leprechauns play tricks, I might have to sneak home at lunch and run amok.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for posting. It made me smile :)

Duel Living said...

I never knew that lepocons did all that! I will definately keep an eye out for them next year! Hopefully lil kid doesn't get his hands on one...his brass would be grass!

Anonymous said...

This was a great idea! I love it. I hope Little Kid can catch that leprechaun. Then maybe he can get the gold and not have to go to "wook"

Sasha said...

Hilarous. I'm gonna kick someone's brass next time they piss me off. love it!

Sara said...

I'm with Annie D- I think my coworkers think I'm crazy now! Laughing my brass off too! Happy Green Day!!!!

Mrs. Cup said...

HILARIOUS!! What a great little tradition with your kids!!

SuddenlySouthernCyndi said...

How cute! Now I feel like a total leprechaun mischief around the SAHM household. Also, do we need to be concerned that your fridge looked a little bare?

Anonymous said...

You're the best mom ever. Great idea and your kitchen looks beautiful, love the granite and the big island.

Theresa said...

Seriously, the best! I love LK and all the leprechaun tricks. Awesome!

April*AKBD* said...

LOL!! Your house must be so much fun! Us BHBers miss you!! You really should come join us on the new board!!

Unknown said...

Mommy Wishdom, I need my own reminder service--I left out the part where I completely forgot about St. Patrick's Day until 11:30 p.m. the night before and then jumped out of bed and ran around town with a basket full of pool noodles and irish themed soap and cereals.

SAHM, my fridge is bare! I've lost 12 lbs, mostly by not having many snacks around to eat and no money for fast food. I have a collar bone again!

Feel free to invite the "lepocons" to your own houses. To dye the milk, I keep food coloring nearby and sneak 2-3 drops in the bottom of solid-colored plastic cups. Then I make a production of pouring the regular milk and showing them how it is green in the cup. This is always a surefire winner (although they don't really dig green milk.)

Thanks for the parenting and kitchen compliments!

Unknown said...

Oh, and April, I've been missing BHB lately too! I was wondering if it still exists somewhere. Maybe I'll give in to temptation and check it out!

Caren said...

So cute! The leprechaun played a few tricks on us this year too but not quite as many as he did for you guys.

The Son has the same shirt as lk. I think he's worn it every St. Patrick's Day since age 2 or 3 so I'm guessing it might have belonged to BK at one point? I think this was our last year for it as it's a size 4, The Son is 6 years old and it was almost too small to wear today. I'll miss it next year.

Vee said...

You are such a fun mom... I guess I'm just too lazy. I did remember to warn my boys about leprechauns because they bite. They won't sure if I was kidding or not.

miss. chief said...

maybe bk meant somebody wearing black clothes, like a ninja. (haha)

Renee said...

This is the funniest post I've read in a long time, and that's saying something. :) We NEED to chat SOON - I have lots to update!!

-The Renee

another lunch said...

Wow, you guys must have really ticked off the little green guys to have so much trickery going on at your house! We just ended up with green toilet water and shoe laces tied together. ;-)