Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Dreams

"So, how's your day?" little kid asked after spending all of Saturday morning terrorizing the entire household. He asks this several times a day, every single day.

"Not so great." I answered.

"No, you s'posed to say 'good'," he insisted.

"It's not that good, little kid. Today is like every other day and that's a real bummer. You and your brother are fighting, your dad is at work, you're making a mess, no one will listen--I'm tired and frustrated and need a break. I'd like to be having a nice Saturday."

"Well, maybe one day wishes will come twue!" he offered cheerfully.

"Okay, thanks. I won't hold my breath, but maybe one day."

"No, I meant my wishes. I want a monster truck."


Layne Street said...

Little darling - I want him to have a monster truck too. It must be a pretty heavy load to carry - being that supportive!

Maggie said...

May all YOUR wishes come true, Ashley!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Who cares what mom wants, that is unless she wants a monster truck!
Kelli in LA