Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Proposition Uranus

Big Kid's homework last night involved reading a book about planets and I got to thinking--when Pluto lost its classification as a planet, we should have had it switch names with Uranus.

Because who wants to talk about Uranus?

I don't want my kid talking about Uranus. I don't want to hear fun facts about Uranus. I don't need to know that Uranus is 4 times wider than the earth. I am not interested in hearing that Uranus has 12 rings.

Don't try to pronounce it as "Uriness" either, that just gets everyone thinking about Uranus even more.

It would just be way less awkward if Pluto had been allowed to stay and it was Uranus that was kicked out.


Stereos and Souffles said...

How's your hedgehog? He just popped in my head.

Unknown said...

Reggie's good! Him and I were hanging out the other night. He's started using his exercise wheel regularly, so he's slimmed down a bit. I have things almost in place to start a Reggie-cam at nights so you can all see him in action!

Ellie Di said...

It REALLY made me sad when Pluto lost its classification. What does "my mother" "serve us" now?! Now she just serves (and eff that). Also, it makes me feel old when I hear little kids deny Pluto's existence. I may or may not have joined that Facebook group to show my indigence: "When I was Your Age, Pluto was a Planet".

Jennifer said...

We're supposed to be grownups, but we're totally not because Uranus is still funny.

AnastasiaBeaverhousen said...

Agreed. Uranus has to go.

Alyssa's school has a series of books "All About Mars", "All about Venus".....she picked? Yep, you guessed it "All About Uranus". Thank God I am a good mother and got a really awesome pic of her holding the book. :)

Unknown said...

Anastasia, neither Mr. Ashley nor myself could control ourselves when Big Kid happily asked, "Would you like to hear some fun facts about Uranus?" and there was some "I think I saw a movie about that"-type of talk when he was talking about the width of Uranus. Totally inappropriate and immature and completely the fault of whoever named Uranus.

Ellie, Big Kid is old school and refuses to acknowledge the Pluto exclusion. He says most planets are big balls of gas and that Pluto is a planet because it's always been a planet and it can just be a small planet. I am sure he will raise little kid to embrace Pluto's planetary rights as well.