Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Play Dates

Boys everywhere, people lining up to shower with me, fights breaking out, random nudity, loud conversations that make no sense, sun-burned skin and wet bathing suits all over the place--that's right, it's Spring Break time!

The only thing missing is Mexican bartenders and Tequila!

(But I have until the end of the week to find some of both.)

Big Kid has had two play dates this week, both with the same child, both drop-off events with little interaction between us parents. That's what I've wanted!!

The other mom seems nice, but like a very serious person. I was lying in bed last night thinking of how well the situation was going when I started thinking--what if she has a blog and is writing somewhere about how her kid's new friend's mom is a total nut job? Like this time I'm the crazy one, and a bunch of Martha Stewart wannabes are in another corner of the internet wrinkling their noses and urging her to run fast and far?

Wouldn't that be funny?

(No, not really)

I think I acted remarkably normal around her, but Bus Stop Mom probably thinks she acted normal around me, so who knows?

The first play date was at the other child's house and poor little kid had terrible play date envy. They had a cool backyard set-up and little kid surveyed the tree fort and zip line and swing set as we picked Big Kid up and he kept squeezing my hand and trying to pull me further into their yard. When we got in the car, he was sad.

little kid being sad upset Big Kid greatly. "Ya know, I don't know why they didn't invite little kid. Aiden knows little kid and he knows he's a nice little boy. If you're invitin' a boy and he has a brudder, you should invite the brudder, ya know?"

"Not really. You two will have different friends as you grow up. Don't go bringing that up; you and Aiden are class mates and he doesn't have to invite your brother."

"He should though. That's all I'm sayin'."

Sure enough, Big Kid made sure to mention it once we had Aiden over. "Hey, I was wonderin' how come you didn't invite my brudder to your house. He's really fun and he likes you too." little kid stood nearby beaming with happiness. I quickly changed the subject. I'm pretty sure Aiden was oblivious to the whole thing. Now I feel nervous for the next play date and the possibility of Big Kid confronting Aiden's mom while I'm not around.

little kid really enjoyed having Big Kid's friend over, but is determined to have a play date of his own soon.

"We'll have Georgia over," I promised.

"No! Okay, we will! But first step is I gotta go to her house. You drop me off at her house and I stay for a play date. 'k? You know where she lives? You gonna call her mumum? I go a-day."

"Not today. You can have play dates at our home. We will invite her over, probably with her mom because you two are awfully young, and then maybe they will invite us to their house one day."

"'at's not gonna wook. For a play date, you gots to be dropped off wifout your mumum. You find out where Georgia lives, 'k?"

I said I would but we all know play date politics just don't work like that. Unfortunately.

Even though it has stirred up some jealousy in little kid, I'm really glad Big Kid has found a little boy buddy. Let's all hope his new friend's mom isn't blogging somewhere about what a weirdo I am.


Jennifer said...

The dropping off freaks me out. Maybe because I have a girl. I've done it, but still.... I'm always freaked out about it.

I'm glad Big Kid has a friend and this is just one of many, many times that Little Kid will be jealous of the stuff Big Kid gets to do first. Just imagine when Big Kid can drive.

Joy said...

yea it is hard when you have a younger one abby is always so jealous when wyatt gets to go to a friend's house.

Kara said...

We are just starting to navigate this younger sibling jealousy surrounding play dates and preschool. My girls are best friends and play wonderfully with each other, and they don't understand why the 21-month-old can't tag along to all the 4-year-old's activities.

Surely, even if the other mom has a blog, it's not nearly as amusing as yours :-)

Anonymous said...

I freaking LOL'D when I read this whole post. And I just came back, and read it again.. and LOL'D just as hard. LOVE it! I love how LK says TODAY. Hahahaha!!! ~CoCo