Monday, August 18, 2014

Another First

Today was it.

The big day.

The first day.

little kid was fine. He always is. He was a little nervous and sad to see summer end, but he got on the bus without a hitch and headed for 3rd grade:

Then it was Big Kid's turn. His first day of middle school. It had been a frantic weekend of finding the rest of the school supplies, picking first day outfits and practicing on a substitute combination lock, and now the big day was here.

We have always started school days by snuggling in my bed and he was sad to wake up and realize that with little kid already gone for the day, that routine may have to change. I offered to get back into bed and we did. It was nice and I found myself relieved that the tradition continues with both boys.

"Mom?" he said softly as I rubbed his back.


"Thanks for getting this for me."

"Getting what?"

"Middle school. You know, highlighting my map and practicing my lock with me and making sure I know what I'm doing."

HOW IS THIS KID SO AMAZING? No, really, how? I don't think I can take credit. I assured him that stuff was included in my job description and that I loved doing it for him.

As we drove into the car rider line loop, he said, "I'm scared. I'm really scared."

Me too.

But instead I said, "You know something I heard in yoga that stuck with me? Fear and excitement have the exact same physical symptoms! They make you feel the same way, but your brain is just more accepting of excitement. So now when I feel scared, I try to decide if I'm in danger or not, and if I'm not, I try to look at it as excitement."

He considered that quietly while we waited.

As we pulled up to the last curve, he said, "I'm excited, mom."

"I'm excited for you."

And I am. In every sense of the word.

Good luck in 6th grade, my love, and you're welcome...for everything forever.  


Unknown said...

This is beautiful. As an army brat I had to start over at new schools pretty often and it was always nerve wracking for me. He really is wise beyond his years for realizing what a help it is to have that kind of support from his mom. And I think you can take a little bit of credit for that. :)

TH said...

Oh now you've gone and done it. I didn't even cry when my OWN child started 6th grade a few weeks ago...but now I'm crying for Big Kid. He was scared? Ugh. Thankfully he has an amazing mom who turned that in to an empowering emotion instead of a destructive one!

Nova said...

That fear/excitement advice is something I'm going to try and take to heart. :)

Melanie said...

There you go, making me cry. I love the point you made and that he got it. What got me most, however, was you mentioning the car pool line with no curse words or anger. Your school must be very different from mine.