Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Food as Fuel

Yoga Teacher: Are you eating a muffin before my class? Before a hot power vinyasa class??

Me: This is my dinner! I've been working. I can't do the class without having some food first.

Yoga Teacher: Your dinner is a muffin?

Me: Actually, it's cake.

In related news, I've done yoga three times a week* all summer long and still managed to gain 7 pounds.

 *give or take, and only because they make me. And by make me, I mean they have yoga challenges where you get a free shirt and I can't not get the shirt. It's a tremendous amount of pressure. The shirts say "I did it!" and I've been threatening to sell "I almost did it!" and "I thought about doing it!" shirts for really cheap in the parking lot. Because lazy people like shirts, too!

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