Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons...

"Look at that lemon, just sitting over there alone in all of that grass," little kid said as we approached the community pool and did, oddly enough, spot one lone lemon in an empty field.

That boy is a finder; the universe brings him lots of things because he is always searching.

"That's pretty weird," I said, not giving it a moment's thought.

"I wonder how it got there?" He continued. "All by itself, it's kind of sad."

"I don't know."

My guess is that someone threw it there but I didn't want to go into the how or who or why of it all so I continued not thinking about it.

"Maybe one day it will grow up to be a lemon tree!" He said. "I bet it's been waiting all this time to prove that it can be more than just a lemon."'s been waiting all this time to prove that it can be more than just a lemon.Wow. Maybe we're all just waiting to prove that we can be more than just lemons.

He is a constant lesson that it's worth keeping your eyes and heart and mind open out in the world.


Trilby C. said...

1. I like that. I mean, I really do. A great message that I'm going to take to heart today.

2. Where did the check boxes go? I liked those. This post made me what to check a box.

3. On a verrrrry unrelated note - will you post a list in the sidebar of the books you've read in 2014? Assuming you've read books in 2014, that is... I have to say that you're my go-to book inspiration. My Big Kid and I read a lot of books, and finding good reads for him (uh, us actually, since we have a little book club together) is easy. But I often need suggestions for the "adult" literature. And it seems we have the same taste. So...since I'm running out of books to read on your list, I would be a happy camper if you threw some more ideas out there. But hey, no pressure!

Ashley said...

Hmm, where are the check boxes? I would love for you to check the box.

#3 has been on my to do list. And by that, I mean actual reading, not making a list of books. It's probably the worst reading year of my life -- after being stuffed with self help books in yoga teacher training, I pretty much quit reading. I read the Paris Wife (pretty good) and something else I already can't remember. I'm currently in and out of For Whom the Bell Tolls only because it is a ratty paperback and I've been reading from my pool raft. I might need a list from you, actually...

I just remembered the other one. It was Wool. I devoured it in one weekend and then decided I couldn't care less what happens in the next books and abandoned it.

Trilby C. said...

I really should write my list down. Except that half of it would be embarrassingly full of Nora Roberts trilogies. I hate to admit it (but I'm old enough not to give a patootey what people think), but she's my never-fails-to-put-me-to-sleep-at-night author. I go through periods where I just want to read fluff. And I seem to be in that funk right now.

Thanks for the suggestion on Wool. I'll check it out.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure most of these are from one of your lists... This is a little bit of everything in case though.

Looking for Alaska
Sweet Hell on Fire
The Book Thief
The Night the Angels Came (TISSUE NECESSARY)
The Bite of the Mango
The End of Your Life Book Club