Thursday, August 28, 2014

Word Worms

"Today in school we played a game with a gummy worm named Fred and two paperclips and we had to stretch Fred through..." a long story followed. I can't recall it because I wasn't fully listening anymore but I eventually tuned back in, "We did the best and we saved Fred so we got a prize. The prize was a gummy worm!"

"So, you celebrated rescuing the gummy worm by eating his brethren?" asked Big Kid.

"Did you just use the word brethren?" I thought I had misheard.

"Yes, is that weird? I think using a unique word can just make something sound so much better."

"Yeah, no, I don't disagree, that's why I like writing. I'm just impressed."

"It is a good word."

"Yes, it really is, I agree."

"So anyway! I saved Fred and got to eat a gummy worm..." little kid rightfully continued.

"That's awesome. That sounds like a really fun activity for school." I said.

"But it is weird that you celebrated saving a gummy worm by eating a gummy worm."

And it is weird that my 11-year-old can work the word "brethren" into a casual conversation.


Alexa said...

Guess it was save Fred day. The 4th grader in my life did that exact same exercise here in California.

Cindy * GoodHaus Design said...

I'm glad another good mom admitted that she has to "eventually tune back in." haha

Ashley said...

That's crazy, Alexa! Now I wonder if that was a wild coincidence or if there is some sort of national Fred the gummy worm holiday or piece of curriculum?

Cindy, he talks every single minute he is awake and we are together. Every single minute. Would it even be possible to listen the whole time?? I didn't even know people pretended to.

Shaina Longstreet said...

I laughed so hard about this... and shared the story with my husband later in the day. :D

Steff said...

I remember when my younger brother used the word 'puzzled' at age 9 to describe his mental state, and was blown away at how adult he sounded! It was such a strange thing.