Monday, August 11, 2014

Endless Summer

One week until school starts.

I know I've said (1900 million times) that this summer lasted 42 years, but all of a sudden, it feels like it lasted 42 minutes.

Is it because I am so unprepared for the upcoming school year?
Is it because having a middle schooler and 3rd grader officially makes me old?
Is it because I really kind of like having these kids around and don't want to give them back to their various institutions? But not quite enough to home school them?

I just want 3 more weeks.

So I could complain about how impossibly long and loud those 3 weeks are. 

I'm going to miss them so much, even though they'll still be here and I'll have more quiet time and less laundry.

Actually, this is one of those things I'll get over pretty much immediately, isn't it? Everything is going to be alright, right? And sometimes I will be here alone and that's a good thing. I might already be over it.

Nevermind, I'm okay.

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