Friday, August 15, 2014

Stuck in the Middle School Fears

My two fears for Big Kid starting middle school, in order of importance:

1.) Lockers: the combination, the logistics, the's not promising. We tried the combination lock at least a dozen times and I think he got it once. It's not the numbers that are the problem, it's the spinning. The spinning. Not even what direction to spin how many times...the physical act of spinning seems to be the major complication. We're going to practice on a spare lock.

2.) Polo shirts: collared shirts are truly a confusing situation for this child. He often gets them inside out and occasionally argues with me about whether or not they are inside out. And I know. I know they are inside out. I'm really good at collared shirts. I have no idea what's going on when he starts talking about Einstein's theories of relativity but I do know collared shirts. His uniform consists of collared shirts. Last year's did too but they had the school logo on them, which immediately ended inside out arguments. Can we do it with a blank shirt? I don't know. (And I know you're thinking "But what about the tag?" I know you're thinking that because I think it too. Every single time. The tag is not a clear indicator for Big Kid.)

Surprising fears, right?

He's brilliant, attractive, kind and funny. He will find his people. I don't know what kind of people that will be, but I don't care, they're not my people. As long as they're nice, we're good. I'm saying all of this because I have a feeling they might be nerds because we visited an arcade in Miami and he mentioned that he felt like he found his people. I felt like I found central casting's nerd waiting room but that's okay. Great, actually. I hope he finds his people everywhere he goes, I love his people.

But looks and charm aren't going to open a locker. Friends might but if he does find his people, they might not be good at locks either.

Are rolling backpacks allowed?

What's inside? We will never know.
Despite orientation being a total shit show in my opinion (chaotic, bizarre building layout, classes spread all over, locker failure), he left saying he feels "accomplished and confident."

Accomplished and confident makes my heart sing!

We've got this! Maybe not the lockers or the collared shirts but the rest of it, we've got it.



I hope.


TH said...

My daughter started middle school a couple weeks ago. She mastered the locker at orientation, but there are (according to her) several kids who have not and are still struggling. She said there are plenty of kids willing to help with lockers, even multiple times a day. Big Kid will be ok! I think using a combination lock is one of those things that will suddenly just click one day...until then, someone will help!

Ashley said...

Good to know, TH! There's hope for us yet.