Friday, April 17, 2009

10 links

What's wrong with the economy?--funny in a "ha, ha, ha we're so fucked" kind of way.
Dilbert's company economist--and again.
Teabagger party confusion
Did Napolean's wallpaper kill him?--Maybe.
Cilantro porn--this guy really, really, really likes Cilantro. In fact, he'll fight you if you don't.
10 examples of royal weirdness
Crayon art
Godless tribe converts missionary
Laser etched dollar art
Explanation of modern art

See how I started to make this list have a theme and then I got bored of that?

And how I started to describe some of the links but then got bored with that?

Yep, it's Friday, bitches!


Funny in My Mind said...

Where the heck do you find all these tidbits? I always look forward to them though...

Former Fat Chick said...

ok...I am sure I am related to the cilantro dude, he must be latin, we all all obsessed with cilantro.

Also, I wanted to run off with that tribe, it sounded super fun, um, until I read they have days with no food...yea, not so fun.

Marketing Gurl said...

Where-ever did you find this stuff!