Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So today I was sitting around thinking, "Gee, kids make my 4 hour work day take 8 hours, are quickly taking over the new house, have been in time-out for at least a quarter of the day, and are generally loud and annoying...where can I get another one of these little bastards?"

So I called Em's mom and offered to have her over night.

Does this make me a masochist? Or just a really good mom?

We're two hours into it and I've barricaded them all into the playroom with the VCR, insisting that such archaic equipment will only work on an older T.V. and shutting the pocket door.

All three of them smell a little weird and could use a bath, but they're at an odd age for co-ed bathing so I'm going to skip it.

Em just came out to inform me that only people with the secret password could come in to the party room. I told her that she shouldn't tell me what it is, so that I can't bother them. She blurted out "blueberry" and left the room.

This was followed up with a trip out from Big Kid, explaining that I would need his secret passcode in order to enter the playroom.

"Okay, don't tell me what it is if it is a secret."

"It is 352-6984-AL-dot-com. Don't tell anyone."

Uh yeah...I won't. Nice password though, mini-freak.

That pocket door isn't serving the purpose I had intended. Maybe I need to push the armoire up against the outside of it?

I mean, they have a playroom, a sleeping room and a bathroom over there....they should be fine.



Jennifer said...

But if they weren't bothering you every five minutes then they would be up to something. It is hard to say which would be better.

Heidi said...

That post was hysterical! Especially the part about them all smelling a little weird.

I love Big Kid's password though! Wish I could come up with one like that!

Julie said...

I think I need big kid's help with passwords. I just pick the same word and add a number to the end. Then when my computer (at work) tells me I need to update my password I go up a number. Maybe I'll just steal his!

Thanks big kid!