Thursday, April 23, 2009

Unexcused Absence

When Big Kid got in the car today, I asked him how his day went and then asked if anyone wondered where he was yesterday.

"Yep, Sophia asked and I tode her I only have one blue shirt and it was dirty wif a big stain, so I couldn't go to school."

Big sigh..."Big Kid!"

"What? Dat's what happened?"

"No, you had another shirt but we were having an Earth day party. And, your light blue shirt wasn't dirty, it was clean but with a stain."

"Because we don't have Oxiclean...I thought I didn't go 'cuz of da shirt?"

Whatever. I knew he was going to do it. He says only Sophia asked, so maybe I got off easy but I somehow doubt it.

Today was Sophia's birthday, so he picked a flower for her and made her a card that said, "Happy Birthday 6 year old!"...he is such a gentleman and a sweetheart, even if he does embarrass the crap out of me sometimes.


Anonymous said...

lol...Yes, embarrassing for Ashley... However, HILARIOUS for readers.

Jennifer said...

At least you knew it was coming.

Joy said...

Maybe you could get him a Tide to go pen and it would make him the happiest kid around

Melodie said...

Maybe you should put BK in charge of the laundry, since he obviously knows how to do it better than you do. He could take care of the laundry couch, too. LOL!

Carole said...

First time reader! Ok you are friggin FUNNY! I love it.


Ashley said...

They always tell. It never fails.