Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Morning After

Big Kid and Em were just making a list of everything they would be doing today. I have not read the list yet, mostly because I'm ignoring them as much as possible (and they make this difficult), but overheard the following:

Big Kid: Go outside
Em: You can't put that. We already did that. Erase that one.
Big Kid: No, no we could go out ag--
Em: Erase it, or I will.
Big Kid: Watch a video
Em: No, write watch a movie.
Big Kid: I want it to say "Watch a video". I'm da writer.
Em: I don't like that. It just doesn't sound good. I wish you wouldn't.
Big Kid: I'm da writer. You shouldn't be messin' wif my list.
Em: That's it! I'll get my own list. 'Cept you have to write it, 'cuz I can't.

I've also had to implement a kissing ban. I took out the camera to get some pictures and she wanted about 50 of her kissing Big Kid's cheek. A similar scene sans camera played out this morning until I instituted the ban. Little hussy.

I was hoping the mysterious "add more kids and somehow it seems like you have less because they amuse each other" theory of parenting would happen today, but not so far.

They are currently arguing about whether or not Ni Hao Kailan (I'm not looking up the spelling) is a cool show or not. Em says it isn't because the girl in it talks way too much....oh the irony!

I have to go feed them something because eating is next on their list.


Stereos and Souffles said...

This is funny stuff! I have a mental picture of these 2 and their list.

Melodie said...

Could you imagine if these two ended up married?