Monday, April 20, 2009

Gone Fishing

My Grandpa gave the boys $50 for Easter, and being the nice mother that I am, I didn't keep it and spend it on myself.

We decided they could use it to go buy fishing equipment at Wal-mart. As you can imagine, this was little kid's dream plan. I wasn't so sure Big Kid would enjoy fishing, but he's been saying he wants to catch fish off of the bridge near our house and then eat them for dinner. I thought this seemed out of character for him, but was impressed he wanted to try.

I personally am not a fan of fishing. I don't eat fish (ever, fucking puke), so sitting around trying to catch and kill them seems pointless at best, excruciatingly boring and unnecessarily cruel at worst. I had fun watching the boys, but I'll admit that I was completely cringing as Mr. Ashley twisted the hook around in the poor fish mouths before releasing them again. I stayed quiet about it though and concealed my grimaces. Everyone had fun.

Today I picked Big Kid up from school and he said, "I miss da fish we caught yesterday. Dey sure were pretty."

I assured him that they did not miss him and were happy we released them.

"But what if someone else caught dem and ate dem?" I turned to look at him and he was doing the fast blinking thing he does when he's trying not to cry.

I explained the food chain and how bigger animals eat smaller animals and that's just how the world works, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Big Kid takes up vegetarianism. He's distraught. I guess he thought it was just a grand coincidence that chicken the meat we eat and chickens the cute birds share a name.

So, I doubt he'll be eating anything he catches for a while. He also happens to be unbelievably squeamish. little kid scraped his knee the other day and as I cleaned and bandaged it, Big Kid was dry heaving and gasping about having seen blood. Seeing a fish filleted would send him into vomiting convulsions.

The other day he said, "My teacher said sometimes when you lose a toof, it bleeds. Dat made me bemember to never lose another toof ever again. It made me puke inside myself. I'm never letting anyone pull one of my teef now. Finkin' about it makes me go insane in my brain."

"That's not true. That doesn't happen," I started, realizing that if Mr. Neurotic decides not to lose teeth, the next few years could be difficult.

"Are you sayin' dat Miss D. is tellin' lies? She said dat. She doesn't tell lies."

"Maybe she's confused. None of my teeth ever bled. Your last two didn't. It'll be fine."

"I'm glad I bemembered to tell you dat--dat I'm not losing more teef."

He swallowed the last two...could he swallow the whole baby set? Knowing Big Kid, probably so.


Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Oh, yeah, he's a vegan in the making. Not even honey for that boy!

Heather said...

i just love that kid more and more. =)

Joy said...

I hear ya on the squeamish side. My son can think of something he doesn't like to eat and it can make him gag!

My son swallowed one of his top teeth back before Xmas

Renee said...

This is so cute and funny and quirky and smart and sweet - I'm dying here. I LOVE THAT KID.

-The Renee

Ashley said...

I don't do fising either. I like sitting around on my butt drinking beer and waiting for a bite, but I don't touch the fish, nor the bait, and I always end up feeling way sorry for them.

My boys like it though, so I endure and turn my head.

Melodie said...

He's hilarious! And the total opposite of my Sarah. That girl would rip even the slightest loose tooth out of her mouth long before it was ready just to get the cash for it. She could care less how much blood was involved. LOL!

Bethany said...

I totally bled with the teeth. I think all of mine had to be pulled by someone though, it annoyed my mom to have them hanging on by a thread.