Monday, April 20, 2009

Short Stories

Big Kid has started a notebook of short stories. I had to force him to do homework instead of working on it (a decision which I regret and don't necessarily agree with) so he's only finished one story, and had to rush it.

It is exactly as follows:
The story is called The Little mice. Once apon a time there was Little mice they like clocks and they loved making cakes and they don't like cats they like to draw they like books too!

I wrote that exactly as he did and he wrote it all 100% by kid used too correctly!! Damn, am I proud! Most adults haven't mastered that one. He also kicks ass at spelling.

He asked me to write a short (emphasis on short) story for him tonight about two dancing bananas. I don't really know what's up with him giving me homework, but I did:

Banana Dance Off
Once upon a time, two dancing bananas lived together in a kitchen. They were brothers, named Tim and Tom.

Tim thought he was a better dancer than Tom and he challenged Tom to a dance-off.

Tom put on his favorite song and did a great job dancing. Tim was so mad that Tom did so well that he jumped up and down in anger. His peel broke open and he slipped, becoming a banana split and losing the contest.

The end.

Then I drew an epic picture of a happy dancing banana, and an unhappy busted banana.
(it's even worse than you're imagining)

He better love it.


Just Lisa said...

I'd love to see the picture that goes with the story!

Former Fat Chick said...

Bananas in Pajamas! Has he ever seen that show? B1 & B2 are awesome!

Unknown said...

ha ha!!! I love you and your son! Too funny!!! He's quite the story teller.

Ashley said...

He'll love it!

Melodie said...

You REALLY need to share those pics with us.

Misty said...

He's got his mom's writing skills.