Friday, May 15, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

I wish I had something brilliantly witty and funny to say today, but I am just unbelievably drained. I feel so tired. It makes this whole motherhood gig so impossible, I could really use a personal day.

I went to bed really early last night but had one scary, bizarre dream after the other and woke up covered in sweat and freezing every few hours.

I'm going to slap some links up so I don't feel too bad about not posting yesterday, and let's hope some energy and inspiration strike me later in the day:

Awesome 3D chalk guy
Do it yourself elephant
Van Gogh probably didn't cut off his own ear
Map of a cat's brain
Broken Picture Telephone game
Helen Keller on Twitter
The worst mistake
In 1918, 18,000 Iowa National Guard members made a statue of liberty out of themselves
Funny dumbass
Bone church made of plague victim skeletons


Britt said...

Thanks for the links; I think the elephant has scarred me for, if not life, the day.

Hope you're able to get some mental (and physical) rest soon.

Unknown said...

A shot and a beer. Works every time.

Former Fat Chick said...

ok, ok, the Helen Keller on Twitter is so fucked up!! AAAAAAAHHHHH! I can't stop laughing~

Julie said...

Maybe those are HOT FLASHES! I got me the patch and I'm over those.

I am so aprehensive about clicking on any of your links you post. I'm so freaking addicted to Arthur Kade. I have you to thank for that. Some days here at work are so slow there is nothing to do but hang out with Arthur. Oh, just a thought, maybe you've posted something that will replace my AK addiction. Now I'm all excited!

Kathie said...

Julie, check out the Broken Picture Telephone...I am LMAO! Thanks Ashley!

~Gretchen~ said...

Do you need me to come squeeze you?

Bored Mum said...

d@mn you Ashley for the broken picture telephone link! It is 3:30am and I can't turn away. It's like internet crack.

Nikky said...

Seriously, the telephone link is killing me. I had so much to get done today that is absolutely not going to get done.

It's freaking awesome.

Julie said...

Okay ladies,
I'm curious but do I dare click on the Broken Telephone? Should I or shouldn't I? Should I or shouldn't I?