Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it Mother's Day Yet?

I justified sending little kid to day care today so that I could clean the house after I finished working (and so that we could avoid the cost of bailing me out of jail for child abuse because it has been a long week with him).

But now that I'm just about finished with work, that whole "cleaning the house" thing sounds pretty sucky.

I'd rather just sit around and wander around the internet and what not. This abandoned cemetery looks like it has interesting online research potential. I could also read my book. Or watch a movie. Or just enjoy the peace and quiet (without mopping).

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Tami said...

Are you in my head? I just got off of the computer and was telling myself to do some cleaning....... but all I did was wander around the house for a few minutes and now I'm BACK on my computer which is way more fun :)