Friday, May 29, 2009

I Don't Think So

I was just reading this heart warming story about a mother bird who saves her babies, when I did a double take there near the end. Go read the article, I highlighted the important part.

This mama bird immediately senses the danger, comes up with the solution of puffing up her own body and using it as a dam so her nest doesn't get flooded but the daddy bird manages to feed everyone and gets credited with doing "most of the work"??

Only a man would think so.


Korin said...

Um, I HOPE that guy meant the male was doing all the work the female usually does.
But I suspect that he doesn't, and that he has serious issues. And needs some therapy. :/

trash said...

OK, OK, I'm commenting! Sheesh!!

That the dad bird did all the work creases me up. Seriously the mother was just sitting there keeping still. In the murky cold stinky drain water. Saving the family. Nothing much. But that dad? He fed them and kept them alive (bet he didn't do the washing, cleaning or unpack the dishwasher)

Where do I collect my cruise tickets? ;-)

Jess said...

Oh, dear. I bet mama bird, when she was in charge of feeding everyone, never got the credit of doing 'most of the work'. Geez. What if Daddy bird would have sat blocked the water? Then he would have been the hero for actually staying home for a few minutes, and mama bird would have been 'just doing her job'.

Nice to know it happens in nature, too.

Acorns and Oaks said...

And that Daddy bird is totally doing his "I'm such a hero" pose for the camera, too. Poor Mama bird!