Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Change of Heart

This morning I was sound asleep, in the middle of a dream (nothing interesting, I was trying to get directions from some lady on the phone--annoying but maybe I was going to go somewhere neat) when I heard, "MUMUM, WOOK AT MY SHESELL."

"No. I'm asleep. Lay down." I mumbled.

"You's not asweep, you's talkin'. Wook at dis shesell I's got."

"little kid, I'm still dreaming." and at that point, I still halfway was. He was out there in the periphery but I was more asleep than awake. I could have had another good 5 minutes and Mr. Ashley was already awake and available for him to harass.

"Ohhh. You's dweamin' 'bout indians? Or twucks? Or a knight? Oooooh, maybe a knight! Is 'at what's you's dweamin' 'bout, mine mumum?"

"GAH! I CAN'T EVEN SLEEP IN PEACE! Why can't you ever give me a minute? This is not how I want to start my day, little kid."

"You's 'wake now, wanna see my shesell?"

I'm actually starting to look forward to my dentist appointment tomorrow morning. Get there at 8 in the morning to have strangers scrape, poke, inject and drill inside of my mouth with burning teeth smell everywhere and tooth dust floating around--or another day of staying at home with little kid?

One woman's torture is another woman's spa day. Also, my dentist has televisions and I get to watch whatever I want (NOT Shark Week, NOT Dino Squad, NOT Voltron and NOT Transformers.) Sounds like a mini-vacation.


miss. chief said...

I dunno, shark week is pretty awesome.

Deputy's Wife said...

God, the mere mention of teeth dust makes me shudder. I.hate.the.DENTIST.

Jennifer said...

That is seriously needing a day off to want to go to the dentist. I HATE it when the kids come up and wake me up when David is up. Drives me nuts.

Sleepy Mama said...

Is it mean that I tell mine to go find Daddy and go back to sleep? When it's his turn, by gawd, it's his freakin' turn. I get up everyday during the week with her while he gets to go to work. I want my 2 days of uninterupted blissful kidfree sleep. Go away and leave me alone, I'll be loving and maternal when I'm rested...until then go find your father.

. said...

I love going to the dentist and watching TLC or FoodNetwork ALL ALONE!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

It's sad the little things we get excited about.

Woohooo I'm in the bathroom and no one noticed...

Deb said...

I went to the orthodontist for a consult last week. Voluntarily. I've been putting that off since I was told five years ago that my bite needs work. What's changed in the last five years? Well, I got pregnant and had a kid who is just about to turn four. It's called "desperate for time alone". It was just like a spa day.