Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Change of Heart

This morning I was sound asleep, in the middle of a dream (nothing interesting, I was trying to get directions from some lady on the phone--annoying but maybe I was going to go somewhere neat) when I heard, "MUMUM, WOOK AT MY SHESELL."

"No. I'm asleep. Lay down." I mumbled.

"You's not asweep, you's talkin'. Wook at dis shesell I's got."

"little kid, I'm still dreaming." and at that point, I still halfway was. He was out there in the periphery but I was more asleep than awake. I could have had another good 5 minutes and Mr. Ashley was already awake and available for him to harass.

"Ohhh. You's dweamin' 'bout indians? Or twucks? Or a knight? Oooooh, maybe a knight! Is 'at what's you's dweamin' 'bout, mine mumum?"

"GAH! I CAN'T EVEN SLEEP IN PEACE! Why can't you ever give me a minute? This is not how I want to start my day, little kid."

"You's 'wake now, wanna see my shesell?"

I'm actually starting to look forward to my dentist appointment tomorrow morning. Get there at 8 in the morning to have strangers scrape, poke, inject and drill inside of my mouth with burning teeth smell everywhere and tooth dust floating around--or another day of staying at home with little kid?

One woman's torture is another woman's spa day. Also, my dentist has televisions and I get to watch whatever I want (NOT Shark Week, NOT Dino Squad, NOT Voltron and NOT Transformers.) Sounds like a mini-vacation.


miss. chief said...

I dunno, shark week is pretty awesome.

Lazy Housewife said...

God, the mere mention of teeth dust makes me shudder. I.hate.the.DENTIST.

Jennifer said...

That is seriously needing a day off to want to go to the dentist. I HATE it when the kids come up and wake me up when David is up. Drives me nuts.

Sleepy Mama said...

Is it mean that I tell mine to go find Daddy and go back to sleep? When it's his turn, by gawd, it's his freakin' turn. I get up everyday during the week with her while he gets to go to work. I want my 2 days of uninterupted blissful kidfree sleep. Go away and leave me alone, I'll be loving and maternal when I'm rested...until then go find your father.

. said...

I love going to the dentist and watching TLC or FoodNetwork ALL ALONE!

Julie H said...

It's sad the little things we get excited about.

Woohooo I'm in the bathroom and no one noticed...

Deb said...

I went to the orthodontist for a consult last week. Voluntarily. I've been putting that off since I was told five years ago that my bite needs work. What's changed in the last five years? Well, I got pregnant and had a kid who is just about to turn four. It's called "desperate for time alone". It was just like a spa day.