Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Poor Boy

Mr. Ashley and I were talking on the phone the other day when I said,"I can't believe Big Kid only missed 3 questions on his Stanford Achievement Test. Such a smartypants!”

“I can. I can't believe little kid punched Big Kid in the face last night for using a Skip card on him in Uno."

“I can.”

“Then Big Kid just stood there and said, 'He punched me in the nose!' all sadly. He didn't even try to hit him back!”

“He never does, he's a true pacifist. Except on the rare occasions where he completely loses his mind over something. Every once in a while, he'll rough someone up. At least they're both predictable, mostly.”

“Little kid is predictable as in you can predict that he'll kick some ass.”


I looked over at the couch and saw Big Kid studiously reading a Captain Underpants book. A little too studiously.

“Yes,” I continued, “They are good boys. Big Kid is so smart and sweet! I really love him. I feel bad for him though because he smells so terrible. I don't know what is going on there, it's like he has rotten fish stuffed in his pockets or something. I mean, seriously, when he got in the car today I gagged a little. So gross!”

“WHAT?! Really?” a concerned Mr. Ashley said as I snuck a glance over at Big Kid, who was glaring at me with pure fury in his eyes.

“HAHA!! Eavesdropper! You were listening to me! Mwahahahaha, CAUGHT YOU!”

“'Course I was!! You were talkin' about me!” He was annoyed and angry as Mr. Ashley and I howled with laughter.

Eventually I got him to admit that it was a little bit funny, and he was very relieved to hear that he doesn't smell bad.


Lin said...

Haha...poor Big Kid! That was pretty funny though :)

Jennifer said...

That is hilarious and totally something we would do.

Ami said...

I rarely really LOL at something I read online... but you got me! We would have that exact same conversation with/about our little man, too. :)