Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dr. Evil was actually not evil at all. They were very nice and there was a section about dental anxiety on the form, so they got a little essay about the Novocaine Nazi, my high tolerance to numbing agents and my sensitivity to people getting all pissy and treating me like a crackhead about it. They understood.

Unfortunately, my cleaning isn't until next week. So the dental hygienist could be evil, but I'm not quite as scared as I was before. I'm still worried about it though and reserve the right to freak out closer to then. I did get the soda lecture but I needed the soda lecture--Coke is the only thing keeping me from wedding weight. But I really, really like Coke.

Today little kid starts T-ball! I'm excited for him. Remember when Big Kid did t-ball? Or more accurately, when I woke up every Saturday morning so Big Kid could wander around the field and tell his coach that he was too hungry or tired to run bases and would consider it next week? And then never hit a ball or willingly ran a base? And then on trophy day we decided he didn't deserve a trophy and slept in?

I'm thinking it will go better than that this time.

The other day as Big Kid was getting ready for school, he looked over at little kid and said, "Mom, he's gettin' bigger ebery day and he doesn't eben know it."

"Yep, you are too," I answered before looking at him and seeing that his eyes were full of tears. "Are you about to cry?"

He angrily wiped his eyes and said, "NO! I just love him bein' a baby."

I feel a little like that this morning. How did my baby get big enough for team sports?

The thought of being only 15 years away from Major League Baseball-type money helps though. little kid has promised to buy me a big house (with stairs), a boat, and a car for every birthday!


Jennifer said...

Little Kid is gonna treat you right. ;)

Melanie said...

Our t-ball experience with Big was similar to yours except he would run far, far away from Hubby (who was the coach), scream and cry anytime he had to do anything other than bat, and was generally horrible and made us cry. However, I opted out of the whole experience and only attended two or three games, and then only for a few minutes. I've since found that piano lessons and playgroups work very well for our family.

miss. chief said...

A house WITH STAIRS! Wow! (haha) so cute!


Sounds very familiar to our experience with soccer. She was dying to play it, we got a goal for the backyard and all the supplies. She played in the backyard and did good at practices, but then when it came time to play games she totally balked. She'd cry, hang on to my pants leg and generally freak out. In my book about active alert children (which is totally what my daughter is), it says that they're never very good at team sports, they prefer to excel on their own. Sounds good to me. Music lessons and dance are usually much later in the afternoon and don't have outdoor practices or games!

Unknown said...

Isn't it crazy how they grow so quickly? I just can not take it! It flies!
I was looking for tips on how to shoot 2 older siblings today and when I googled it I landed here at your blog. As I am a blogger and QUITE fond of most bloggers, I thought I would say hi : )
PS I probably will not tell the siblings that I am shooting that there is a little birdie in the camera as they are 20 and 22 : )

Mitch said...

I get where you are coming from. Chay started soccer last month. Soccer! He still won't kick the ball and is more interested in picking grass with his friend, Joe. But he's old enough to actually be on a team. When did our August babies get so old?

Stereos and Souffles said...

Is he going to wear his cowboy boots?