Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kids Bowl Free

We signed up for Kids Bowl Free, a program where bowling places (you choose one) will let your children bowl 2 games for free every day over the summer. I looked high and low for a catch but it seems legit! We've already started receiving our coupons each week. I guess the bowling alleys realize that all of the shoe rentals and snack and soda purchases will make it worth their while. Also, you can choose to buy an extended family pass for $24.95 (I think, I did it a while ago so don't hold me to that) that allows 4 extra people. We did that and I added my parents so that they could take the boys if they wanted.

I'm seriously excited about having this option once the daily afternoon Summer rains start rolling in. Also, bowling always ends up being ridiculously expensive when we try to go so it will be a treat to be able to do it more regularly. And they have nice cold air conditioning there.

If you sign up at and enter this email address as the person who referred you, I could be entered to win a trip to Disney. That would be so awesome of you and I would so sincerely appreciate it. Just copy and then click the link and paste it right into that section, easy peasy chicken pie. You should sign up no matter what because it is a great offer but I think sending me on an all-expenses paid vacation would be fun for all of us.

(Don't try to email me at though, use the one on the side bar over there. That one's about to be spam city because that's what happens when you publish an email address online.)


Jennifer said...

Spam city. Hilarious.

Tammy said...

I went to sign up and there isn't a single bowling alley near me...the closest is about 35 minutes away. :( Sorry I can't help you win a Disney trip.

Anonymous said...

Done! Thx for passing it on!